Sony 52x Cdr Media

I own a LH-18A1H @ LH-20A1H

I´d like to start using NERO CD/DVD SPEED to check the quality of my recordings, consider the media I can buy here chages all the time.

Here is a SONY 52x CD-R

I applied the Speed 4x registry hack and did this scan at 8x.
I have been unable to download it from, I am unsure it´s the same tool and the one I used doesn´t offer an user interface, it was just a registry hack.

Is this fine? What does the scan look like?
Are thses discs any good? Am I using the tool correctly?

Thanks for your help


PD: This is the reg hack I used

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]
“Speed Jitter”=dword:0000004

The LiteOn drives cannot scan for jitter on CD media.

LiteOn DVD burners are not good scanners for CD media, because they only report the very worst C1 errors (E31) instead of all C1 errors (E11+E21+E31).

The scan above, given that it’s done on a drive that underreports C1 errors and that there should be no C2 (E32) reported at all, is truly horrible. I’m guessing the disc either doesn’t play at all or plays with lots of skips, pops and clicks in your CD player.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I also own a NEC 3550@4550 and an old Pioneer DVR-106D

And no, the CD plays fine on my Rotel CD player.

Here is the same disc (burned on the LITE ON) as scanned by the NEC at 16x

Thanks again.

The NEC scan confirms that the burn quality is horrible.

The only reason your Rotel CD player seems to play the CD properly, is that it uses error concealment to hide the errors that it experiences.

Try burning the CD-R media in another burner (e.g. your NEC drive) or try other CD-R media. In my experience, NEC DVD burners are better than LiteOn DVD burners for burning CD-R media, sometimes significantly better.

I usually burn on the NEC at 8x and use Verbatim media.

I wanted to check these SONY blanks that a store is selling, so I burned it on the LITE ON but as I said I always try to use the NEC as CD burner.

I will burn a Verbatim on the NEC and post the results.

Thanks again for your help

Best wishes

Hello again,

This is a Verbatim 52x burned at 8x with EAC and scanned at 4x on the NEC.
I burned it 4 months ago.

Thanks for your help.