Sony 510a wont burn audio cd

I recently purchased a sony 510a dual format dvd burner. I was able to make dvd backups using both dvd -r and dvd +r media using both 1.0c and 1.0d firmware…however, everytime I try to burn an audio cd nero returns an error regarding “unable to start disc at once” record but does not coaster the cd. I’m sure the aspi layer and drivers are not responsible. Has anyone else experienced this?..Please help…Thank you

Update…changed the “disc at once” setting to “disc at once / 96” and burn process began…still burning…sigh…I am still waiting patiently…shit…an “invalid field in command” error…but I believe it’s overburn related…the cd does play with errors at the end of the cd…strange about the dao/96…hope this helps anyone who owns this drive