Sony 510a and region free

just trying to find some info about this drive and the possibility of making the drive region free thru a hack so that i can back up my multiregion discs

many thanks

It might be a while with this drive. Not even the DRU-500A has been patched yet.

I would seriously recommend getting a cheap, fast DVD-ROM drive that can be made region free to use as the reader and rip the DVD there removing any region setting. Then you’ll be free to burn as you wish on the DRU-500A.

sorry to be a bit of a newbie at dvd stuff but

if i were to use something like region killer, would this only let me watch the dvd rather than ripping it?

i havnt even installed the drive yet. what would you recommend for watching dvds RF?

many thanks for the patience

Region Killer is to be used in conjunction with a patched (RPC-1) drive. You could try using DVD Region Free, or VideoLAN to see if they work for you. To get a better understanding of the PC-DVD Region basics, please see these FAQ’s:

thanx for the help