Sony 50-Packs Are Back

50-packs of Sony DVD media will be on sale at Staples and Best Buy next week. Staples will be $14.98, and Best Buy most likely $12.99.

According to various sources, K-Mart still has MIJs and may PM.

Most Sony 50-pack MIJ has been cleared out of Sears, but you might want to give it one last shot.

Yes, K-Mart near my house has bunch of Sony 8X +R TY media remaining in their stock. They even have fujifilm 8X MIJ spindles left. And they also have the newer CDR Fuji spindle and all of them are MIJ

I saw the Fuji MIJ in K-Mart last week, they were not on sale but they were definately TY, you could tell by the spindle and the MIJ label.

if you can still find fuji mij dvd media at k-mart, that means it is not a good sign for them, they are dead. They are on the verge of being bankrupt

K-Mart will not PM, and the last time I tried a PM at Sears I was told no way these are a different burning speed than what was pictured in the BB ad!!

K-Mart usually does not PM , but Sears should do it as long as Item code is identical and it is !

Edit : Sorry , it isn’t any more :eek:

Best Buy had changed the model numbers to [B]50DPR47LS2[/B]

And to [B]50DPR47LS4[/B] in their ad

While Sears has [B]50DPR47LS3[/B]

Conspiracy theory :Z

You could try PMing with Staples ad which does not mention the model # or their site when it shows 14.99$ in a few hours which has both 4/3 # here :

I have to wonder, it seems as if the same people on this forum look for the Sony Tys every week, I have to wonder how much media all of you have compiled. It is none of my business of coarse, but I know I have become almost addicted to this sort of thing. I have more quality media, ( only 2 different media codes) YudenT02, and MCC004. But I have amassed an enormous collection of blank discs, and I keep buying more. 6 months ago I thought the Sony 8X MIJ were history, then I bagan finding them, buying 100 here and 200 there, now its seems that they are popping up all over the place. I am beginning to think this was a great marketing stratagy for these stores.:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Here’s what I have currently of unopened quality media (I have other stuff that’s second tier, but that’s not important right now):

2x50 Sony 16x -R (SONY16D1 MIJ) = 100

10x50 Sony 8x +R (YUDEN0000 T02) = 500

11x50 Sony 16x -R (TYG03) = 550

7x100 Verbatim 16x -R (MCC 03RG20 CMC) = 700

2x50 Verbatim 16x +R (MCC 004 CMC) = 100

The above is probably nothing compared to other folks on this forum.

I think you are correct. There are probably people here with thousands of pieces of media. It is addicting.:rolleyes:

With the steady decline in media quality and the upcoming transition to the HD disc formats, it is wise to stock up on known good lots of 4.7GB media.

I am here not only having mountain high of DVD media. I still have tons of Maxell Hitachi CDR media, yes Maxell Hitachi MIJ, tons of Maxell TY CDR, tons of Fujis CDR MIJ, and around 600 Mitsui Gold CDR 12X and 24X (they costs a fortune, almost $1 for a CD) Lots of Fujis color DVD MIJ TYG02 and YudenT02 media, Sony TY media, Fuji silver MIJ DVD Media, over 800 of Verb +R 8X Inkjet printable, around 600 of TYG02 Inkjet printable, 400 of OD Ricohjpn R03 media, and over 4000 of Verbatim 16X that I cleaned up from OD clearance and OM Sale for $8 per 50 discs. Lately, I haven’t burnt much since I left everything at home and only carry a laptop with me.

Not to mention I sold over 700 Verbatim on Ebay because they are all coasters

wow there’s 700 un happy disc you sold. What an ass.

same here I saw lots of Sony 8X DVD +/- R 50pack ( MIJ ) Fuji 8X ( MIT ) in K-mart last week saturday :bigsmile:

There’s a few Fuji 8x (MIT)'s left at my local BB, what is this media, really?

Its crap. The only Fuji worth buying is MIJ Taiyo Yuden. I have one spindle and a bunch of the multi-colored ones from about a year ago.

The Fuji-branded RICOHJPNR02 was really good quality, but only sold in slim cases and not very common.

Please tell me about K-Mart Store # or What town it is :bigsmile:

I have no idea what the store number is but it is in West Long Branch NJ, and I really do not know if they have any left now, it was at least a week or so back that I was there. If you are that set on Ty media, just order some from, they won’t be old stock and they are not expensive 100 for 36.00 plus shipping. If you add the gas to the price, you will be paying way more.

Thanks for info alan1476 :bow:
I got it 108 MONMOUTH RD WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ 7764 ( store # 7764 )
lot of Sony DVD +/- R 8X ( MIJ 50 pack ) I saw here
235 PROSPECT AVENUE WEST ORANGE, NJ 7052 ( store # 7052 ) :bigsmile:

Only one spindle was coaster, of course I keep them that spindle, but the remaining spindles were unopened and untested, purchased at the same time, so I listed them on ebay. I only sold the open spindles of verb, was the inkjet printable, purchased at sams club. You dont get much for open spindles and thus no point of wasting money on ebay listing fee and time to ship them