Sony 50 pack CD-R music at Target

I was at a local Target looking in the media section and something caught my eye: a 50 disc spindle of Sony Music CD-Rs. Why did this merit my attention you ask? Because it was packaged in a certain tell-tale cakebox. Searching the label for country of origin confirmed what I already suspected: TY discs! They were about $20 (same as the price of the Fuji spindles at BB) so if your local BB doesn’t have any Fuji TY, you might want to hit up Target. I wonder if they have more space for writing on the surface than the Fuji TY discs? They had a paper cover on the top so the top discs’s surface was not visible.

Wow, steep. Of course, they are music CD-Rs. Good if you’re in a bind.
Staples has Fuji CD-Rs (MIJ are TY - not music type) for $17.98, goes down to less than $10 on sales. Five-color pack.

Thanks for the Target lead.


Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Any chance that in 2009, you can still find some that are TY? These are on sale this week at Target for only $10: