Sony 50 disc DVD spindles $19.99 at Best Buy

well it says on the pag. Taiwan, the burn at 16 and play see above,so i would still buy them if i were you ,I am going to run up and get 4 more myself

Hey braynes…
Go hear and you’ll be able to post the DVD codes.


For anyone who’s interested, below are a couple scans of the SONY08D1 burned with a NEC3500. And the spindles I purchased were “Made In Japan.”

8X Burn, NEC 3500 w/Liggy’s 218 Firmware, Sony “SONY08D1” DVD-R (From Bestbuy)
8X Burn, NEC 3500 w/Liggy’s 218 Firmware, Sony “SONY08D1” DVD-R (From Bestbuy)

And here is a scan of the the Fuji DVD+R “Made in Japan” (TY02) Burned at 8X. This is also on sale at BestBuy for $8.99 per Spindle of 25.

I posted the code look above, it says o8d1 ,the packing sleave said Tiawan

I can not use the prog. as Nick might email my boss,lol

Sorry Dude. Didn’t know you were at work and we don’t want you to get into a jam.

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jam made from fruit,spread on toast.
cool got it

Was at BB today and they have no 8x Sony here and never have…

@braynes, you are confused.
Sportfish was providing a link to DVD Identifier, which is an app written by Kris Schoofs. :wink:

I went today and they wouldn’t let me purchase the 8x 50pk for the sale price. They said it was only for the 4x media. Well I bought the 4x DVD -r SONY04D1 anyway just to test and a 25 pack of FUJI 8x +R tyt02 for $27 and change total. I used the 10% coupon also that I found in another thread.

that stinks

i had my friend go to BB for me and he was able to get the Sony 8X media for the sale price, along with 2 25pks of Fuji :wink:

Yeah "FastAssEG", you got a bad deal. You should have gotten that 25 Spindle for $8.99 (it has an instant rebate thru the 18th). I would definitely go back. For what you paid, you could walk out with 75 discs! I went and picked up a few of the spindles myself.:iagree:

EDIT: Here is a thread discussing the sale at Best Buy.

It looks like he got the sale price for the Fuji, he just added it to the price of the Sony discs to get $27.

I purchased the Sony DVD-R 8X 50 pack for $19.99 yesterday. I used the 10% off coupon to drop it to $17.99. The 8x Sony spindle rang up automatically at $19.99. The UPC is 027242642997.

I didn’t see any 4x Sony discs at the Best Buys near me. Tons of Sony DVD+R but I could only find two of the Sony DVD-R that were hidden on the shelf. Turns out they were both Made In Japan. I went to another Best Buy today and purchased some more Fuji Made in Japan DVD+R and saw them unboxing more Sony DVD-R 50 packs. They were a mix of Made In Japan and Made In Taiwan.

To bad a lot of you snoozed. A few of us lucky ones got in on the 25pk of Fuji=TY’s for $3.99 at BB last Sunday. Don’t mean to rub it in but I got 20 of them. The dogs wouldn’t let me get any more.


That is a good deal. Unfortunately I had an emergency surgery to perform Sunday morning so I spent the morning in the OR. I understand that Best Buy is sending out cancellation e-mails to those who ordered online too so those of you who made it in early Sunday got a pretty rare deal on Best Buy’s dime.

I ordered 2 spindles of the +R online while they were $3.99 with free shipping. I received them today. 8x +R, Made in Japan. :bigsmile:

so is sony a good brand to go with (dvd -r) I am so sick of getting these writedvd9 errors on clonedvd. I have tried Memorex and now RIDATA and they are not doing to good.

I’m gonna try a different one tomorrow.

If you’re a surgeon, what in the world are you doing in the “Bargain Basement” section at CDFreaks? :bigsmile: LOL

I’ve got tons of the Fuji DVD+R “Made in Japan” TY, but I’m wanting some of the DVD-R Fuji TY discs. My Best Buy was out of the japan -R spindles. I wish I could order them from Best Buy’s website and specify to check the spindles and make sure that they are TY. :smiley: