Sony 4x dvd-r/dvd+r 14.94 for 25

sony 4x dvd-r/dvd+r 14.94 for 25. Not the best price but not bad if you just want to pick something up locally. Acording to videohelp the -r can be mcc, sony or TY. The +r can be mcc or ricohrjpn01. I havent used mitsubishi but hear its good. Anybody tried to sony media code stuff?
I first saw it locally but it seems to be good online too. Theres no shipping of course locally which will save a few bucks.

True but tax and the price of gas will more than make up for the $4-$5 of ground shipping costs that most reliable sites charge. :wink:

Thes are RICOHJPNR01 disc at the staples here