Sony 48x24x48 upgrade problem

I want to upgrade my Sony CD-RW 48x24x48 to 52x24x52. If i try to burn a cd with 48x or 52x (using Lite-on’s firmware 6S02 or 6S07), writer slows down when writing it reaches 46x and it goes down to 24x and stays there until the end. If i try to write with more than 40x and turbo mode is not enabled - light on writer is red instead of yellow (i have to force this speed, cause lite-on’s firmware doesn’t support turbo boost). If i use original firmware and i enable turbo boost, it writes at 48x just fine.

there is no turbo boost with lite-on firmware as the turboboost (48x) is already implemented by default.

Perhaps your CDR media will not write past 48x speed?

This is typical SmartBurn behaviour with most media at 52x, and many media at 48x. The drive is trying to save you from creating a coaster. You should see a brief pause, (yellow) just as it down-shifts speeds.

i also noticed that if i burn with original firmware and turbo boost enabled at 48x everything is fine, but if i write with lite-on’s firmware and i force 48x speed (red light goes on) and at about 90% it slows down (i can hear it) - i used same medium…

i think it’s relly a firware problem (lite-on’s firmware doesn’t recognise prico 48x 700 mb mediums correctly)

This is not a “problem” per se, Smartburn is doing what it is supposed to. Apparently, it’s the Sony firmware that is not allowing the drive to function as it should. My 48x and 52x drives do the same thing with many different media types. It is a response to the media not being able to handle the high heat required to burn that fast, the drive actually monitors the media during the burn. Some drives are more “sensitive” than others to this, but it is not “defective”. If you try different media you will see it bahave differently.

yes i’m aware that not all 48x mediums work okey with 52x, but as i said - if i burn a medium with original firmware at 48x speed it’s okey, if i burn with lite-on’s firmware at same speed it slows down at about 90%… it can only be a firmware problem as far as i’m concerned

48x speed it’s okey

I’d be interested in seeing some error scans on the media burned with the sony F/W vs the LiteOn firmware, at 48x speed.

this is picture of writing with maximum speed (i think nero cd speed tested with 52x) with lite-on’s firmware:

i don’t have graph that shows burning with original firmware, but i can hear that it’s increasing speed until the end

i forgot to write in previous post: there aren’t any errors, even if i use lite-on’s firmware and write using 52x (as you can see on the graph it slows down while burning, but i don’t know why)

this is picture of writing with maximum speed

Um, this appears to be a transfer rate test in CDSpeed, not an error scan like Quality Check. I can’t say for sure what this may represent, but it would be consistant with bad media i think.

here you go - quality check of cd that was writen with nero cd speed writing test (seen above)

no errors…


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