SONY 48X/12X/48X to Liteon


I have a SONY 48X/12X/48X CRX 210E1.

The firmware is 2YS1.

I want to convert it to a Liteon 48X - is it possible ?

Anyone has done it ?

Plz help.


Why not convert it to 52X24X52? Flash it with Lite-ON firmware from here:

or look here how to keep your Sony name:

Is 52x24x52 good as the other Lite-on’s?
( in DAE , Raw DAO writing, subchannel reading and writing)
or to wait for a test…
Every new technology (in this case Chipset support RW 24x)
have problems in the first products .And firmware maybe is not the solution in every situation . ( eg TDK drives 48x24x48 rumours said problems writing in Ultra speed with the available in retail CDRW ,also Yamaha drives make noise like high spin writing in RW ,and firmware not fix this problem until now officially in TDK for example ,and as you see 48x16x48 drives were fail in market for perfomance or price)

Probably untill now LTR-48125/6 -S/W drives are the most reliable in the market according to opinions in forum, test, better even Plextor in true writing speed …


Also look :

Monday, October 21st, 2002
Lite-On LTR-48246S 48x24x48x CD-RW Review @ 3dXtreme
12:22 PM CST Posted By: Ian

The guys over at 3dXtreme have taken a brief look at the 48/24/48 CD-RW from Lite-On. Here’s part of their conclusion:
This drive is killer with the audio format. I am rather disappointed with data burn speeds. I was expecting faster data rates. I am overly happy with how well the drive handles audio cd’s. Extremely fast burn times. All these tests except for the CDRW test were done prior to me flashing the firmware. But from normal everyday use of the drive it appears the speeds for data are the same after the firmware was updated.
If you want to get an idea of what to expect from Lite-On’s new 48/24/48 CD-RW, head on over to 3dXtreme and check out their review.

I have no idea where our LTR-48236S is. I guess it got lost in the mail or something. However, we will be skipping the drive and looking at Lite-On’s 52/24/48 CD-RW instead.

(Source :

Review on:

Dude, the 52x hardware is just fine. It is up to you whether or not you want to buy it.

I just read this message :

I purchased one of these 48x24x48 Sony drives (CRX215AE1) at Best Buy. I suspect that it may be a Lite-On, but was surprised to see the LED is only GREEN, whether writing OR reading, unlike other Lite-On drives, which show RED for burning. The firmware revision is SYS2.

I was also surprised to see that Nero Infotool didn’t show Mt. Rainier as an option, which the previous Sony CRX210 drives did, and if it’s I Lite-On it should show Mt. Rainier. I don’t have any packet writing software installed, so do I need INCD or similar program installed to show Mt. Rainier is installed?
> Any info would be appreciated!


Yaa - all SONY CD WRITERS have only one light - greenish / yellowish :slight_smile:


my sony light changed from only green to red when forced to burn at 48x by nero, I flashed it from a 40x to a 48x gaining mt rainier support too.


Should I flash it with 6S02 or 6201 ?

Anyone has reported any problems with any of these versions.



I have Win 98 SE - can I go to MSDOS Prompt only (pressing F8 while bootup) and work with mtkflash ?

I first want to try 48X Liteon - which firmware is best for my drive ?

If it works fine - I may upgrade to 52X liteon.



Which firmware should I use ??

Firmwares for LTR-48125W
VS01.exe howto.txt 2002-05-25
VS02.exe howto.txt 2002-05-31
VS04.exe howto.txt 2002-06-12
VS06.exe howto.txt 2002-09-27
VS08.exe howto.txt 2002-10-03 *

Firmwares for LTR-48125S
1S01.exe howto.txt 2002-09-30
1S05.exe howto.txt 2002-10-17 *

Firmwares for LTR-48126S
2S03.exe howto.txt 2002-09-25
2S07.exe howto.txt 2002-09-27
2S0D.exe howto.txt 2002-10-03 *

I am confused :confused:


When converting to the Lite-On 48x, use the VS08 Firmware.

Its the best & offers best burning quality even on very very cheap CD-Rs.


I tried VS08 firmware and the drive went dead - even CMOS couldnt detect the drive.

So as sugguested :

I tried the 6S02 firmware and everything went good :))

Here are the results :

I havent burnt any CDRs at 48X or 52X. I will post the results.

I would strongly recommend

for anyone trying to upgrade SONY 210E writers.

Anyway - thanks and love all.


What MAX RE-Write speed do you get after O/C ???


I dont have a CDRW Disk right now (have a old one - but its only 4X max).

But I burnt SAMSUNG 40X CDR @ 52X and very happy with the results :slight_smile:

Here are the results :

“Burnt 645MB in 2.23 minutes @ 52X”

Thanks everyone for helping me convert my CDR to a beast !!

I checked the data - and its perfect - without any errors.

I still not have checked the CD surface - since I dont know how to do it (nero always gives me yellow marks - no matter what I do).

If someone can give me a link on how to test the CDR surface - I will be happy to carry out the test.

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Yes, VS08 will not work with your drive. It is for the ‘5’ series drives.


Which Liteon 48X series works with my drive ?



Your Drive may be flashed with Lite-ON LTR-48125W firmware, or you can just use the VS08 Windows Utility from to overclock your drive without losing the Sony CRX195E1 name. Using that version also means that you can flash back to either ZYS2, ZYS3, or ZYS5 using the windows flashers on that site. It just makes it a little easier.


@ dhc014

Since - Mediatek chipset 5 doesnt work.

Can I use a Mediatek chipset 6 for my sony ??

Which firmware should I use from the below list :

Firmwares for LTR-52246S
6S01.exe howto.txt 2002-10-16
6S02.exe howto.txt 2002-10-16 *

Firmwares for LTR-48246S
SS06.exe howto.txt 2002-10-03 *

Firmwares for LTR-48126S
2S03.exe howto.txt 2002-09-25
2S07.exe howto.txt 2002-09-27
2S0D.exe howto.txt 2002-10-03 *

Thanks for your help.


I would use the firmware available on the bottom of this page:


Well - actually I am getting lots of burn erros (while testing the CD quality in Nero).

I was looking for a better firmware…

Also when I am burning above 650 MB on samsung 700 mb CDR - there are lots of burn errors after 650 mb.

I have spoilt 50 CDR in last few weeks - just trying to get my burner work properly :confused:

Please help me.

The 6S02 is not that stable - atleast on my PC.