Sony 40x Problems


I am getting burn errors on 1 out of 2 disk when using 40X.

CDR Medium is good.

I get burn process failed when writing at 40X.

When writing at 32X it works fine.

What wrong ???

My system is : Athlon 1.7 Ghz, 80 GB Segate barracudda 7200 RPM, 256 DDR.

Is the drive faulty ???


CDR Medium is good

How have you determined this?
are the read buffer and drive buffer full all during the burn?
Is the drive light red all through the burn?


Read buffer gets empty at around 50% burning process - but the CD WRITER buffer is full all the time.

I have a 80 GB Barracudda Segate 7200 RPM.

I have enabled DMA in both HDD & CD WRITER.

What is the problem ?

I am using Win 98 SE - should I need to upgrade ?


You have some problem that is not related to the CDRW drive. It could be media, source problems/errors, mis-configuration, or virtually anything. I suggest you read through the threads here, perhaps do a search or 2 and see if any of the usual fixes work for you. If the drive works fine at 32x but not at 40x, it’s not the CDRW drive.


Have you converted your Sony to a Lite-On or kept it a Sony ???

What burning software are you using? I had a similar problem with an older version of Nero, and fixed the problem when I upgraded.


Its still a SONY - didnot play around with firms that much :slight_smile:

Anyway - I was so sucked up with 40X SONY - I got it replace with 48X SONY :slight_smile:

It rocks :slight_smile:

I have not yet burnt any CDR at 48X (since I have a spindle of 50 - 40X Certified left)

But I can say that - SONY 48X is a amazing drive :slight_smile:

Burnt a few CDR - and was happy with results.

Burning at 40X took me 3.1 minutes - thats cool.

Any specific benifit by converting to liteon ??


When you say “I got it replace with 48X SONY” do you mean you “overclocked” it to 48x, or you bought a CRX210A1?


Lots of benefits on converting it to the Lite-On.

Better media compatibility.

Frequent firmware upgrades.

Haven’t heard of Sony releasing newer firmware.

Don’t worry about warranty. You can always flash back to the Sony firmware with MTKFLASH before RMA.

Also read on the forum, that Sony heavily modifies the firmware of the burners which don’t give the best burning quality like the Lite-On firmwares.

The ultimate choice is yours though.

Hey Dave
this is bhairavp from over at the forums. Is the CRX210 based on the 48126S or 48125S?If it is based on the 48125S, I feel an overclock coming on…

If it is a 48x12x48x burner then most probably it is based on LTR-48125W.

If its a 48x16x48x or 48x24x48x burner, then it is based on the 6 series Mediatek chipsets.


When you say “I got it replace with 48X SONY” do you mean you “overclocked” it to 48x, or you bought a CRX210A1?

I bought a new SONY 48X Drive inlieu of SONY 40X. Had to pay Rs. 650 ($11) exta since the 48X were a bit costly :slight_smile:

Its a CDR210E1 (since A1 are retail versions and bulk ones start with E - confirmed this with the importer)

@darshanjog - I have emailed you :slight_smile:

I like SONY bcz their drives are uite sturdy compared to others I have seen.

I am using Nero



Mine is a SONY 48X/12X/48X.

Funny thing was - I got two 32X Certified CDR with a 48X writer !!! :bigsmile:


The CRX210 is a 481648 writer.So it is probably based on the LTR48125W.I think the new CRX215 is based on the 48126S or 48246S (haven’t checked the specs).So most probably PPS111 has got a drive based on the 48125W, which can’t be o/c’d further.
What do you think

Hey PPS, which part of India are you from? You in Mumbai?

EDIT:Oops… the CRX 210 is a 481248 NOT 481648.
My bad :o


Well your burner is most probably based on LTR-48125W.

If your burner is as said by Bhairav 48x16x48x then more chances are that it is based on the 6 mediatek chipset.

Will check your mail & reply soon.


I wouldn’t like to O/C my LTR-48125W further b’coz it gives very very decent speeds.


Yaaa - Amchi Mumbai :slight_smile:

Mumbai rulezzz :smiley: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I dont want to o/c my drive as of yet.

I just want reliable burns :slight_smile:

I have started a thread for it :

But with each reply - I am getting more confused :frowning:



If you just want reliable burns then convert your burner to a LTR-48125W with the VS08 fimware.

I have already replied to the thread you mentioned above.

Whats your real name ??? I think you forgot to mail it to me :wink:


I used the VS08 firmware and it didnt work :frowning: :a :a (drive went dead)

hehe. :bigsmile:

Plz use 6S02 firmware to upgrade SONY CRX210

Here are my results :

Thanks all for your help.

@darshan - I am still getting all yellow sectors - after converting to Liteon 52X :frowning: maybe I am testing it the wrong way.


Good that your O/C was succesful.

You’ve got Mail.