Sony 40 X Cd Writer


Anyone has SONY 40 X CD WRITER ?

Please let me know how good is the drive :slight_smile:

Also how much time it takes to burn a 700 MB CDR @ 40X


Sony 40x writers are LiteOn 40x writers, so more than enough information available on our frontpage (check the articles section) and on the forum.

I do own a 40x Liteon (OC’ed to 48x btw) and it performs great. Writing times? Somewhere around 2 minutes for 74min.


I finally bought SONY 40X (actually I replace it with 40X ASUS)

I am writing at 40 X - 650 MB and it takes 3.20 minutes.

How I can reduce the time down to 2 minutes.


There is a link to 48X flashing in the Lite-On forum. Search for it, and carry out the needful.I’ve flashed it to a 48X lite-On and it burns a 700mB cd in app. 2min30s