Sony 3S Bitsetting Patch Tool (v1.1.0) *NEW*



Sony 3S Bitsetting Patch Tool v1.1.0
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What is it
The bitsetting in the latest Sony firmware’s does not appear to be working. In fact it is working but not the way we are used to it working. The booktype is cleared every time the tray in ejected, which means you can no longer rip from the same drive and expect to get a disc with the booktype set to -ROM. This patch removes the booktype clear on eject and for 710A firmware saves the booktype to the EEPROM so it will restore itself after a reset or power off. For other firmware the OmniPatcher “Auto Bitsetting” patch can be used, so the drive will be -ROM at boot up.

1/ Works with unscrambled EXE and BIN files
2/ Works with all Sony models that exhibit this issue, including the 800A
3/ 710A (BYX?) booktype saved to EEPROM

New Features in v1.1.0
1/ Added booktype save to EEPROM for 710A firmware
2/ Added notice on patch successful dialog to advise whether booktype is saved
3/ Added version detection
4/ Added bank reorganisation for 1673S and 1693S to allow more complex patching

<hr>Download: Sony Bitsetting Patch Tool<hr>


Thanks C0deKing :bow: :bow: :bow: . You are simply the best :iagree: . Testing now.


Works on the 800A.KY01


Sony 3S Bitsetting Patch Tool v1.1.0 Released

What’s new
1/ 710A firmware (BYX?) now saves the booktype to EEPROM, so the booktype setting is restored after a reset or power off. This takes away the requirement for 710A firmware to use the “auto bitsetting” patch if -ROM is always required.
2/ Displays whether the booktype is saved to EEPROM or not.

See the first post for more details…


Does anyone have a copy of Sony 3S Bitsetting Patch Tool (v1.1.0). I am unable to get it since codeguys site is down.


Here it is (32.5 KB)


Thanks… I really appreciate the quick response. I really didn’t want to roll back my firmware.


No probs. Glad to help :slight_smile:


Hehe, I was going to put this on the cdfreaks site but it was down at the time (erm), so I put it on the codeguys site only. I’ll add this one now and update the first post. :wink:


It’s now on the cdfreaks site and the first post has been updated: :slight_smile:


Where do you find the file to patch using this patch. Where at on the c drive is it at?



Welcome to cdfreaks duke69111. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the PM - I’ll answer here if that’s okay. This tool in now superceded by the patch in OmniPatcher:

Read the documentation supplied with the OmniPatcher and then download the firmware you wish to use from the firmware page on our site (see my signature) and load this into OmniPatcher. You’ll see the patch available on the General Patches tab. :wink:


well i never had a sony, but my bitsetting always worked :slight_smile:



Thanks Alot C0eKing, Thats Awesome, Your The MAN