Sony 3BNE3VEPS2 - BE-RE 100GB

does anyone tried this media or is it not possible to burn it with a normal BDXL writer ?

Pioneer 209, 211, 212 series BDXL writers support Panasonic PAN___EC2 and Sony SONY__ET2 BD-RE TL media, so the answer is probably yes.

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So it should work with my Pioneer S12XLT, nice. I think i order some. :smiley:

Burned my first BDXL.
Unfortunately i have no drive for scanning, if someone has a recommendation…


Which ever drive you used to burn the BDXL media can also scan the media.

Every CD/DVD/Bluray burner to-date has ALWAYS been able to scan its own media.
There are NO exceptions unless you have a screwed up OS.

We have NEVER had an issue scanning in several hundred thousand of our clients ODD’s nor should you. Anyone that tells you that you need a special drive to scan media is dead wrong & clueless. We’ve been scanning since the late 80’s with ZERO issues on all makes & models of CD/DVD drives & also since blurays were out.

Verify the media yes.
Scan the media no.
And who is “we” ?

The “we” I am referring to is my business partner. We have been running my successful business for 45+ years with 7200+ clients in Canada & USA & their affiliate offices in UK & Europe without issues.

I know that some DVD & Bluray drives have the riplock feature in their firmware but that will still not negate the fact that all drives can scan any media. If people have issues scanning media then it may be attributed to poorly designed software, so get better software :slight_smile:

There is a difference between “can scan” and “scan reliably”.

I don’t think we are talking about the same thing.
I talk about disc quality scanning like this. :wink:

Yes I was referring to the same type of scans as you mentioned but I don’t rely on companies that tailor their software to only what they want you to buy. If you look at opti drive control website, they list only a select few drives their software will work on. That proves they have inferior software when other software works on ANY drive.

When I was first made aware of opti drive control long ago, friends burned discs on burners that opti did not support & then they scanned those same discs on other drives that opti did support & the results were PERFECT.

So that just proves their software is inferior & trying to force customers to only buy specific brands. There are dozens of products out there that will scan your media that is much better than opti & that doesn’t have limitations nor forces you to buy only certain burners.

Same as Microsoft, Intel & the Bluray consortium conspiring to force people to buy only Intel products to play commercial UHD media when the truth is that we have been playing the same UHD media on AMD systems since day one because we use our own drivers that bypass their stupid protections. We’ve been programming in C & assembly for over 40 years & design our own software to handle lots of issues that other companies fail to support. We have been using Unix & Linux since the start & only delve into Windows when our clients need help.

What is this software that can test discs with any drive that you speak of?
Because i’m pretty sure you’re wrong.

Looking forward to the answer what software to use to e.g. test BD-Rs with Pioneer BD writers.

Yeah, that’s their bull$hit marketing paranoia.

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None that exists to the public as of yet. :wink: