Sony 215A1

I was just given a brand new Sony 48-24-48x recorder, and I have the option to trade it in for a Plextor or an Asus. Should I keep it?

Also, I am unable to find data about it: is it a rebadged/re-engineered Lite-On? Does it support Mt. Rainier?

Any advice/link would be appreciated.

Info on the drive here

I’d go for the Plex or the Asus though :wink:

I would suggest to wait for a CDFreaks review on the drive, but i guess you’re in a hurry :stuck_out_tongue:

no real hurry, I am just surprised that the drive is already on the market without so much as a review in the scoop sites. The Sony link is next to worthless: they have no drivers and won’t even say anything about Mt.Rainier

and while there is still nothing on the 'Net, a friend just bought an ASUS 52-24-52 this morning, for €145 (VAT included). He will test it tonight.

I bought the same one too.I must say i’m not really impressed with it.I haven’t reached max speed yet.

Poli perasi exei to sony stin ellada.Mipos telika mono emeis oi Ellines pairnoume teties mlks? :stuck_out_tongue:

The sony CDX 2xx are Lite-ons

you can upgrade the firmware using a lite-on firmware or down the appropriate firmware from my site below.

Originally posted by Siliconized
Poli perasi exei to sony stin ellada.Mipos telika mono emeis oi Ellines pairnoume teties mlks? :stuck_out_tongue:
Yep i guess we do :wink: (i have never bought one though :wink: ) And it is sometimes more expensive than a plextor :eek:

Sorry but we have to keep things in English here … you can always PM me or e-mail me in any language you wish :slight_smile:

Heh thankz man.I’ll try upgrading the firmware to see if i there’s any difference.I only hope not to burn my cd instead of the cd-rs cause i’m not very familiar with flashing and all that stuff.
Let’s see…

Hemispasm i wouldn’t buy it myself but they gave it to me for free.
It was a real deal :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehehe, interesting remarks, fellow Greeks! As a matter of fact the Sony was a birthday present. The understanding that I have with my friends is that they buy me gifts from “Plaisio” and I go trade them in and buy whatever I need instead. From the info I have gathered, I’ll go trade the Sony for the new Asus 52x tomorrow, god willin’ and the creek don’t rise …

I’d keep the sony and upgrade the firmware:) more support than from asus