SONY 21, has anyone used these DVDs?

I just picked up a 100 pack of Sony DVD+R disks that were on sale at Best Buy and made in Taiwan. When I test the disk, manufacturer is unknown and the ID is SONY 21.

I burned one and it was decent for disk quality, I usually use TY’s but finding MIJ disks is becoming harder all the time.

Has anyone used these disks, and any idea who manufactures them? How have your results been?


Try to do a search using the following keyword, and you’ll get a lot of scans of this media :wink:


My experience of these discs are as follows:

However, my discs werent made in Taiwan but Made in Austria. As long as when you rub you’re fingers around the edge of the disc no purple dye rubs off onto them, you should be good.

Links to make the searching easier:

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[CDFSEARCH=“Sony+D21&titleonly=0&searchuser=&exactname=0&starteronly=0&showposts=1&forumchoice=33&childforums=1”]Advanced Search for [B]Sony D21[/B] in Blank Media forum and subforums[/CDFSEARCH]

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[CDFSEARCH=“Sony+D21&titleonly=0&searchuser=&exactname=0&starteronly=0&showposts=1&forumchoice=0&childforums=1”]Advanced Search for [B]Sony D21[/B] in all open forums[/CDFSEARCH]

There are no made in Austria DVD-+R nor CD-R available in US either online or local stores.
Only and mostly any brand are MIT in US these days, hehe :iagree: