SONY 2005 DVD recorder line includes hard disc drive model with HDMI

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March 8,

  • Sony
    today announced its new DVD recorder line including a hard disk…
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Nice statement, this one: Our leadership in the DVD recorder category allows us to continually develop new features to improve the quality and simplify the recording of digital video," said Philip Abram, vice president of marketing for Sony Electronics’ I bough Sony’s “ast edition” of DVD recorder with a 160 GB HDD, the RDR-HX900. Nice device, excelent image, no problems so far, except for one stupid detail: Using DVD-RW you are able to make playlists and to cut files into separate parts. If you record to the HDD, you are not able to do the same. No playlists, no possibility to cut files into parts to record to DVD at maximum quality. The possibilities are there, and I’m sure a simple firmware update could aloow it, but Sony is too big to listen to you…they prefer you to buy a new piece of hardware and they will add the facility by the time they do one of the two semi-annual reshuffle of their product list. HDMI was a known interface when they started to sel HX900, by November 2004, and not something new as they now pretend.

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HDMI is nothing more then DRM for home theatre, why give me a cable that controls all content, when I can have a perfectly good DVI cable going to my TV and the optical out going to my reciever. WIth HDMI they control all the content leaving your box, keep it seperate, keep it DRM free

Hi DRM is already in present products in a certain way (copy or recording control is inside HX900, even for digital TV programs recordings), with no need for the new interface. Are the new connections and cable bringing some extra controls?

Maybe it’s me, but am I the only one seeing the obvious? Where does it say it has an ATSC OTA receiver or that it will record in high def format (at least on the hard drive)? Anything coming out at the time of release (especially for the price) should have an ATSC receiver built-in. NTSC will be out dated soon enough, why waste money on something that will be short lived, especially to those of us who like to keep up the latest?!! Sony: STOP wasting our time and give us what we want!

DVI and HDMI can both carry HDCP DRM protection and you can buy convertors for both standards.