Sony 18x writer & 16x media – Best speed to burn for long archival

I have Sony DRU-830A 18x writer and using Sony 16x media.
Time is no matter, but the media(movies) I want for an very long time archival - So what speed will be optimal.

Shall I burn at say 2x/4x to be on an safer side?
Or shall I go by the rough rule and burn at 8x/12x

Also, standalone DVD Players have read speed? Or media burnt in any speed will be read flawlessly in normal conditions.

Well the good old burn no lower than half the max speed of the media and no higher than 12x is usually a good rule of thumb for 16x discs.

I personally consider 8x to be the best for 16x media. I’ve heard bits and pieces of info that 16x burns can lead to more chance of degradation and also that speeds too low can do the same. I don’t personally believe that’s entirely true for all discs but stick to the middle speeds like 8x and you can’t really go wrong.

Underspeeding to 2x/4x usually doesn’t help unless you have problematic media, in my experiences. 6x was the minimum speed/quality combo that was really worth it, and 8x or 12x have worked very well for me with good 16x media.

8-12x for me also.

speed depends with my mood really but ill usually overspeed TYG03 @ 18 on the litey :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay i will write my movies with 8X… and wana one more thing, is the write speed affect the video quality in any way in terms of sharpness, crispness ?

No (unless the burning quality is really bad so parts can’t be read back successfully), because DVDs store video data digitally. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I never go below 20x. :bigsmile:
Unless using a NEC :stuck_out_tongue:
Or Pioneer :doh:
Or BenQ :rolleyes:
Or just about anything that isn’t a Samsung SH-S203B. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Probably 4x or 8x would be the best depending on the media.
Some newer writers have bad strats for 4x on some media, on the other hand 4x could give you lower jitter as 8x.
8x Strategies are these days most times the safest. I have seen media being problematic at 4x,12x,16x but burning decent at 8x.
Thanks to the fact of media quality and the drive strategies.

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Read my mind then :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

:iagree: When the @4X strategy is good, one can get the best burning results out of it. But not all burners will have a good @4X strategy (engineers these days don’t care much for customers who want to burn @4X, which is only logical), so the “slower is better” motto can lead to awful results. So…

8x Strategies are these days most times the safest.
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oh no wait actually + 2, as [B]cd pirate[/B] already inputted the same opinion… :bigsmile:

I bet that those who consider @12X and faster burns as being just as good as @8X burns, actually disregard jitter testing (or the jitter figures reported). Almost all burners produce less jitter under @12X with almost all 16X media. And jitter figures have been negatively linked to media degradation rate.

“Under” here meaning “at speeds slower than”, sorry for the poor wording. :o

Agreed with the jitter. Take a look at my high speed scanning + jitter thread in the Media Testing/Identifying Software section for an update. A really good example of a H22N making what seems to be a great burn with low errors but include jitter and maybe a high speed scan and things get ugly.

Well i burnt same Sony16x DVD with 4x & other with 8x and i think results were horrible… even the results varies largely with scanning speed… look at this thread for images and details…

See my input in the other thread. You scanner’s ability is under contention.