Sony 18x DRU-830A Launched

Sony faceplate is 12 mm deep, while standard faceplates are 5 mm deep, so that would account for the difference.

Here’s a summary of the evidence.

  1. The shape of the metal enclosure in the PC World photo indicates a Samsung drive. [Sony’s own photos are doctored to make the enclosure look completely flat.]

  2. A curious mix of P-CAV 8x DVD±R and Z-CLV DVD±R DL strategies, typical of MTK chipset firmwares. This indicates a Lite-On and a Samsung drive.

  3. The locations of the LED and the eject hole are consistent with a Samsung or an LG drive, and completely different from Lite-On, Optiarc or BenQ designs.

This, in combination with 18x max speed, leaves SH-S182D as the only drive matching all three clues.

This is a little off-topic. 820A works okay, but it’s not one of my favorites.

Sony wanted DVD-RAM support and picked a DW1670 for 820A on the heels of its success with DW1640 as 810A.

DQ60 and DW1670 were stepchildren in the BenQ family, a rebadged TEAC DV-W516E and a subsequent mediocre redesign. Most people were disappointed by them.

If that’s the case, then that would eliminate Samsung as the drive since from the S182D review, the drive only supports UDMA-2.

It’s not a Benq, Sony left Benq after Benq sold the opticial division to LiteOn in Feb 2006.

Sony and Nec joined there opticial division and started production in April 2006.

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It is now confirmed that the Sony DRU-830A is a rebadged Samsung SH-S182D. UDMA4 is also supported. :slight_smile:

Since the drive is based on Samsung, I will post some scans in the Samsung forum.

imho 182d is better than optiarc 18x drive on +r media, but samsung has little trouble on -r medias except few but usable on most -r medias

this is interesting story as sony is not using drives from their own venture company…maybe, sony is selling optiarc

I dont think UDMA4 is supported. My drive is recongnized as UDMA2, ATA66 mode. Besides, why would they need to enable a 100MB transfer rate is the DVD media can only read at 25-26MB/sec? It wouldnt neven be useful for burst rate, as the buffer is only 2MB, thus it would be emptied in less then a quater of a second. The drive is a nice drive however, and is very quiet!