Sony 175A1 - is it a LITEON?

I heard that the Sony 24x10x40 “A1” version is a liteon. I know the 32x is, and I’d like to know how I can test my 24x to find out.

That might be difficult, since SONY not only repackages Lite-On burners, they also change the firmware and writing speeds (atleast on the 32x).
What format is the firmware for the Sony?
If it’s something like R5S3 it might be a Lite-On.

Oh, you can of course test if it can make a fully working backup of MOHHA or any other safedisc 2.51 game (if you have one…)
If you can, you probably have a Lite-On.

If OC-Freak would be here he would be able to tell you if it is a Lite-On or not in a splitsecond. If you be a good boy and eat your breakfast he might answer… :wink:

Breakfast eaten. Can i have an answer now ? :stuck_out_tongue:

After some consideration, I belive that your Sony isn’t a Lite-On.
But I don’t know, so you can eat some lunch and wait… :slight_smile:

Not all 24X sony’s is Lite-On’s but some of them is.

The easiest thing to check is the front or the firmware version.

If it have firmwareversion 1.x it’s not a Lite-On, but if it have a firmware with four letters or digits it probably is a Lite-On.

How do I check that ? The properties maybe ? :rolleyes:

If you use 98 or ME,you can do it that way…If you use XP and CloneCd,just open CloneCd and select the drive…:wink: