Sony 16x -R Made In India

These weren’t in jewel cases were they?

:iagree: - why d’you ask?

I only hope they were MIT discs, and not MIA. My MIA Sony’s had very poor bonding (dye actually ran onto my finger when I ran my finger round the edge of the disc!)

I’ve copied some pressed DVD Videos, that my picky combo VHS/DVD player had trouble playing, onto Sony AccuCORE 16x DVD+R (SONY D21) media and the copies play without a hitch. :slight_smile:

These were Made in Taiwan, however - not Made in India.

I think that only -R discs are MII - at least thats the case near me :slight_smile:

MIA are only in jewel cases. MIT discs seem to be better bonded

Ah, I think mine are probably MIA if the 8x +Rs I have are anything to go by. Thanks for the info guys :wink:

I may burn a test disc and see how it stands up a little while from now.

See if the dye rubs off onto you’re finger :wink:

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I don’t think so :eek:

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It only appears that way to people who feel guilty about something…like going off-topic in a thread outside the living room! :bigsmile:

-There is also here,Sony 16x DVD+R MII discs in 25 spindles-The code is MBIPG101-Cost 10 euro.

-I have very good experience with Sony MIA discs-Last batches here were 8x DVD+R in jewel cases without AccuCORE sign.

Not available any more-Only in 700mb as gold coated,local importer branded, in bulk package 18euro/100discs

Thanks for the info, [B]Gary Kokkin[/B]!
I need to go to Japan for the 650 MB TY CD-R, then…

At least I still got 2x50 YUDEN000 T01 from Greece until they went out of stock (That’s 4x DVD+R, oddly the cakeboxes are without shrinkwrap and the discs in the two cakeboxes have different fonts :eek: )…

I have also seen lots of MBI Sony 16x DVD+R.
I will get me some more MIT then.
Europe’s media scene always seems to be one step lower when compared to the American media scene. While the Americans had MIJ Sony, we had MIT Sony. Now when the Americans start getting more MIT Sony, we get MII Sony. :sad:

-There is financial crisis in Europe since euro became common money.
So market want cheap media for cost purpose and big quantity.
This doesn’t mean products been always cheap for us ,because wholesalers want earn the cost manafucture difference,instead offer quality products.
-Same happened to our local distributor of TY-No always have quality (or branded) media,even mentioned for marketing reason to it’s catalog.

In opposite to US market ,Verbatim time to time,still offer in Europe TY branded media in good prices-Same Philips (MCC MID) ,Sony (MIA),Fuji (Fujifilm MID),Platinum (Ricoh MID), Maxell (MIJ),offer limited production quality products time to time,so must keep our eyes open to stock :slight_smile:

That is I prefer do,since Fuji’s TY DVD+R came in market,for my future backup.
Here my media store : (plus 50-Philips (MCC 03RG20-Taiwan) and 100 Verbatim (TYGO3), minus 25 Fujifilm 8x DVD+R used them)

And here in Egypt we always had (and still have) [B]MIHK[/B] fake Sony :a


Found more of these Sony MII discs in Woolies, they come in an MBI spindle, i’d buy, but they’re only in 50 packs and cost an arm and a leg… Whats their return policy like could i test them, then take them back???