Sony 16x -R Made In India

Sorry if this is old news or common knowledge?

I just found some 25+5 (30 discs) tubs of Sony branded media MII for sale in local Safeway supermarket. I hadn’t seen or heard of them before only personally encountering the MIJ or MIT ones.

I didn’t buy any because they were way overpriced but curious if anyone knows anything about them such as MID etc used and quality etc?.

You might have to be the guinea pig if you’re willing…

I’ve never heard or seen Sony media MII, in the US at least. And it’s unlikely this media will reach the US. (we have Safeway grocery stores here-- not sure they sell media)

Never seen it mentioned on the forum either. You may have struck a gold mine, or you might discover Sony MII is garbage… Either way, try it and let us know!

I’d like to volunteer to be the guinea pig but atm I’m near on broke. :o Perhaps late next week if I have some cash and no-one else responds.

MBI media (and I s’pse it’s Moser Baer?) is very rare in aus. The only other MII media I’ve seen here is the Imation +R ForceField. I haven’t seen these 25+5 packs available elsewhere so it might be an exclusive Safeway/Woolworths deal.

I have seen them here in department stores (Kaufhof, Karstadt) too.
I might be the guinea pig, but the Sony MII discs are overpriced there, too :frowning:

I’ve seen a Sony MII pack of 5 here, but it’s mixed in with other discs from Taiwan, so it’s a bit difficult to find.

I’ve actually got too many discs ATM :eek:

I don’t understand…“too many discs”? Those three words put together don’t make any sense to me, except when used as follows: That media shop has too many discs that should be mine, so I’m going to get me some of those! :stuck_out_tongue:

The way you use those words, it doesn’t make sense to a CDFreak at all! :bigsmile:

BTW congrats on your first 500 posts! :flower:


Seriously, I’m going to have to stop buying media! I’ve got to save money for Uni next year now, if I’m accepted successfully :iagree:

Haha my saying is the same, “Man I have so many discs I am not buying any more” Then two days later I buy more, wow what will power :o

I think they will use the usual SONY08D1 or SONY16D1 MID’s, as all Sony’s except TY and some TDK produced ones use them to my knowledge.

Here,all Sony 16x DVD-R (MII) have “MBI 01RG40” MID and cost 9 euro cake box of 25 discs.

Wow :eek: - I’ll definately avoid them then. Tried those MBI’s before, complete crap.

Hahaha, very well said indeed :bigsmile:

Congrats on 500, Kev! :flower:

I’m not spending the national lottery on media, you know :stuck_out_tongue:


Arachne, I would snap up those MIJ MXLRG04’s at Wilkos ASAP. Looks like there isn’t going to be anymore at my end :frowning:


Bah, spoilsport :bigsmile:

[OT] Looks like my plan to go to Wilko’s has hit a snag, I have a chest infection. But if I’m better by Tuesday I’ll go see what they have :iagree: [/OT]


Also nip to W H Smiths and see if they have any MII boxes of Sony discs :bigsmile:


All the 5 packs of Sony near me in England are now Indian made - I got the last pack of Taiwan disks today. Am unwilling to use the Indian discs because of previous bad experiences with them :frowning:

LOL it’s so true!

In recent news I got my hands on some (100) 650MB CD-R TY media. :smiley:

So now I have about

~50 TDK Mix of + and -
~300 Verbatim 16x+R
~10 or so Daxon AZ3

~60 Ritek CD-R
50 700MB TY CD-R
100 650MB TY CD-R

Just the other day I was going to buy a few spindles of Verbatim 16x -R but the sales stopped so I didn’t bother :sad:

ON topic, there’s a good chance those discs are MBI, which is not that bad, but if they are overpriced there is no point in getting them.

Thanks for telling me. It seems that I will have to stock up on Sony media too? Or just quit with trying everything under the sun and going Taiyo Yuden/Verbatim only. :slight_smile:

Next time when I’m in Greece I will get some of the 650 MB TY CD-R too. They’re shiny silver though… are your discs shiny silver or branded?

I’d stock up on Sony SONY-coded discs :iagree:

I got a 10 pack of Sony D21s for Christmas. They’re OK, scans and TRTs are fine. Haven’t burned any movies on them though, so I can’t say about playback in my standalone. :slight_smile: