SONY 16X Problem




I have a SONY 16 X Drive - but no matter how hard I try it doesnt not write above 8X !!!

AMD Athlon 1.7GHz, 256MB DDR, ASUS A7N266VM MOBO.

What is wrong ?????



must be the media you use


Wich program do you use for a copy?


Originally posted by damiandimitri
must be the media you use

This is correct. If you use media that is limited to 8 speed writing, there’s a change it won’t burn at higher speeds.
Try using the newest version of the burning software you use to burn.
And secondly get the newest firmware for your writer, it will clear out some bugs. :slight_smile:


Its a 32X medium.

What could be the problem ?


Originally posted by cdcopier
[B]Wich program do you use for a copy?


I’m waiting.:slight_smile:


What 32x media are you using ?



I use Nero.

CDR : Riteck (something like that)

What are the setting in the CDROM Properties of “Device Manager”.



Well, wich release do you use?
Probably you should update your release.:slight_smile:


Had a Sony CRX1611 too. Never faced any problem writing @16x on all media rated 16x and above.

“Upgraded” the drive to the Liteon 16101B just for the heck of it.:slight_smile:

If you want to know more about the conversion, the thread is in the Liteon forum.



I didnt get any drivers for my SONY on the CD since it was autodetected by windows.

burnproof >> Are you using a 40 pin 80 conductor cable for your drive ? I am using a normal one. Could this be the problem ?