Sony 16x DVD+R questions

1st try at this much help appreciated…this is a test from a copied movie on this media…gonna need help on which tests to properly run doing one now on a blank disk just not sure what you guys need to see to anyalyze this properly not sure how to save all the images right for you…someone please give me a little walkthru tried reading forums can get confusing sometimes

still new at this here is what nero dvd speed gave me…still need help with getting the proper results under nero cd/dvd speed…the txt is from nero cd/dvd after a burned copy of stargate sg1

Nero DVD Speed

07 July 2006 - 3:54:32

Drive information
Product DVD-RW DVR-111D
Firmware Version 1.23

Disc information
Type DVD+R
Length 4.38 GB

Test results

Transfer rate
Average 8.97 X
Start 5.21 X
End 12.53 X
Reading type CAV

Seek Times
Random Seek 187 ms
1/3 Seek 206 ms
Full Seek 246 ms

CPU usage
1X 9 %
Max Speed 20 %

Burst Rate 9.50 MB/s

Spin Up/Down Time
Spin Up Time 0.00 sec
Spin Down Time 1.79 sec

Disc Eject Time 1.50 sec
Disc Load Time 15.38 sec
Disc Recognition Time 0.01 sec

here is the stargate sg1 text… like i said not sure what i am doing

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD+R
Book Type : DVD+R
Manufacturer: : unknown
MID : YUDEN000 T02 (000)
Write speeds: : 4 X - 6 X - 8 X - 12 X
Blank Capacity : n/a
Extended Information
Layers : 1
Write strategies : 4 X - 8 X
Disc Status : Closed
Raw Data
Physical Format Information (00h)
0000 - A1 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 25 E2 1F 00 00 00 00 - …%…
0010 - 00 00 03 59 55 44 45 4E 30 30 30 54 30 32 00 38 - …YUDEN000T02.8
0020 - 23 54 37 10 02 4E 72 02 8C 63 16 16 0B 0B 0A 0A - #T7…Nr…c…
0030 - 01 19 1B 0C 0C 0C 0D 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - …
0040 - 01 00 38 38 02 34 63 13 05 22 22 10 0E 12 12 01 - …88.4c…""…
0050 - 00 00 02 34 63 13 05 22 22 10 0E 12 12 01 00 00 - …4c…""…
0060 - 02 00 54 70 02 4E 64 4A 20 11 08 08 01 18 00 00 - …Tp.NdJ…
0070 - 00 00 02 67 64 4E 20 10 08 08 01 18 00 00 00 30 - …gdN…0

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disc quality for 1x-16x MIT…not looking good need suggestions on whether its my burning speed or what…

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i was warned by scoobie…learned my lesson sorry guys…i know what to do now in the future i am learning…sorry

UMKANE, there are two things in your scan that don’t look good:

There’s a small PIF peak at 0.7GB which is probably caused by dust or some other surface defect. It’s probably nothing to worry about.

There’s a PIE plateau starting at 2.8GB with out-of-spec PIE (should be 280 or lower). Since you state nothing about burning speed, I can only speculate that it might help to decrease burning speed by one step.

What was your burning speed on that disc? Try at 8x or 12x next time. Also I don’t know if the drive is a reliable scanner.

my burn speed was 12x…and these are copies of a copy and i posted under the nero section can not get nero to accept the change down to 8x…sorry learning what to post here and again sorry about the posts earlier i know now…

Burning data from a DVDR will not cause any problems or differences to data or quality (as long as the disc can be read back ok). So there should be no problem in you copying from a copy.

I’m confused at what you mean by nero wont accept the change down to 8x?

Pioneer is not reliable for scanning , it tends to show 10 times PIE than when scanned with LiteOn or Benq .

can’t find it anywhere to knock down the burn speed seriously…maybe its me i don’t know i’ve look everywhere wants to burn at 12x all day long actually starting to use clonedv2 cause it will let me but would rather use nero

In Nero Burning ROM, you can select burn speed in the final tab to the right, just before you actually start the burn. You can also burn with something such as ImgBurn (with image files such as .ISO files), or you can use CD Burner XP Pro, both of which are free. CD Burner XP Pro actually seems to be a decent program, but it took me some time to figure out its strange way of changing its settings and its stupid default settings.

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That Pioneer drive is not a reliable scanner at all. Mine isn’t, yours isn’t and the other members of this forum with that drive use a Lite-On or Benq to scan as they are reliable.

Pioneer is one of the best drives for burn quality.
Pioneer is one of the worst drives for scanning discs.

well i have only been using nero to backup a copy thats already been ripped and so on… besides that i’m using fab & clonedvd2 for everything else…i mean the movies play fine just don’t want it to kick me in the butt down the road but yeah just before i burn it only gives me max and 1x as an option…but i brought this up in the nero forum so i’ll leave it be there…thanks guys