Sony 16X DVD+R MIJ @ Staples!

Hi all ,

Maybe some of you have seen this thread :

Well , my brother just went to Staples and he didn’t find any Sony 8X + or -R , he just found spindles of 16X 50 pack of Sony DVD+R MIJ , the same special buy price of 14.94 , could they be TY ? or are they Sony’s own D21 ?
Is there any thing that I can tell him to identify TYs from Sonys from the look of the spindles ?

Nah, this is nothing new. They’re SONYD21, unless they have a white octogonal spacer on top, which we haven’t heard reports of yet.

God damnit , are these Sony D21 good ?
I mean in comparison with High Quality media ?

Yes, I bought a lot of them thinking they were TY. How is Sony D21???

I think that you could pick a much worse brand than Sony.

Id still get it. 14.97 for a 50 pack of very decent media. Id stock up on sony over Memorex or other cheaper brands anyday.

Yes the octogon shaped white spacer ring. They will be Taiyo Yudens.

I just told him to look for the 16X -R with octagonal spacer ring , but if he didn’t find it , I’d tell him to get the MIJ 16X +R , but I just wanna ask , is Sony D21 just a “decent” media or it is High Quality ?how is it compared to TY or MCC ?
I have a Pio 110 , will they be good with it ?
Is there any chance that Staples would get another patch of 8X DVD+R TYs ?

You know, a brief search of the forum can answer a lot of questions. Yes, the MIJ Sony D21 is excellent media, and will burn very well at 16x in many drives. Better than TY or MCC in some drives, equal in others, and slightly worse in others. If you want to burn at 16x, the Sony is a much better choice than TY 8x.

I did a search and found that TYs are the BEST :sad:
I looked at dvd media tests for both Sony DVD+R and TY DVD+R .

Why not just have him return the ones from Staples and just buy a 100 pack of Taiyo Yuden from one of the online stores? The price isn’t that much more than the $15 per 50 that Staples is charging, and you’d be guaranteed to get TY’s…

He just can’t order online , if there is a retail store near him , I will tell him to go and buy TYs , and he didn’t get the 16X Sony yet :disagree:
The most important thing to me is to make sure that my data is safe on DVD discs and don’t just refuse to be read :eek:
Longetivity is my ultimate goal :slight_smile:

Hi. If you can’t find the 8x at Staples, go to CC or Bestbuy. They still have the 8x and take the ad with you, they pricematch plus 10% of the difference. This means that you can actually get the 50 pk for $12.50…just my 2 cents.

Is that sale still on @ Staples? I thought it ended on April 8th.

Isn’t most online retailers charging approxiamately $40 or more for 100 Taiyo Yudens? Not counting the Value Line. Then there’s another $9 for shipping. That comes close to $50.

Buying 2 50 packs would only be $30 + tax @ Staples.

He can’t order online , I need to know retail stores selling TY media with reasonable price in Nashville TN , if not , I think I am gonna make him get me the Sony 16X +R D21 MIJ , which I think would be way better than CMC MAG E01 or Benq Daxon AZ2 8X , or even Sony 8X D11 MIT that I recently bought from here in Egypt for 12 U$ for 10 pack jewel case :a

BTW , is this scan good for this D11 MIT ? :

Note that it is on Pioneer 110 which is NOT a good scanner

Thus how can we judge of the burn? :confused: - don’t get me wrong, but scans from “unhortodox” scanners are almost impossible to evaluate! The basics: first thing to do is scan a commercial, pressed DVD-ROM to give you a feel of how the drive reports errors… :wink:

I am gonna test a pressed DVD now and see , also I was referring that for example Daxon AZ2 media give around 60% on the same drive so I assumed that the Sony is better :slight_smile:

That should be a safe assumption even with a so-so scanner, but then again, I’ve seen such erratic results with some Pioneer drives that I’m not even sure of this! :confused:

Now here is a pressed DL DVD : :a

Is the Sony better ? :doh:

LOL This is not gonna help, with the huge peak at the layer break! :bigsmile: - this is rather common, actually, but it changes the scale so much that this scan is almost impossible to read…

Do you have a [I]single layer DVD-ROM[/I] around? This would be a better start :slight_smile: