Sony 1615

Anyone have a link to FW for this beast?

I don’t know of this model. What is it?

It’s a DVD rom

Ah, I don’t have a lot to do with DVD ROM drives but obviously code65536 does, because it’s on our firmware page with user selectable DVD read speeds. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ah yes of course. It’s the Sony version of the Liteon 16P9…

Have a look here: :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

ala42! As I get time I would be glad to help with FW!

PS// Just got a new 9100 from Dell and it came with a 1615!

Up for a newbie!

So the patch for the Sony 1615 looks good, but my DVD-ROM drive came with a later version of the firmware, FSY03 and the patching is for FSY02.

I tried dumping the FSY03 firmware with the LtnFW program and then loading it up into the OmniPatcher 2.4.3 but Omnipatcher has the controls greyed out for the DVD speed settings.

Anyone have an idea of how I can patch this DVD-ROM drive to use faster DVD +/- R read speeds and not having to revert back to earlier firmware images?

Is it not possible to extract the current firmware in my DVD-ROM and then feed it to OmniPatcher so that I can modify the DVD +/- RW speeds?

You could try sending me the extracted firmware from LtnFW and from XSF at DOS. I’d like to see both. My contact details are on my site. You never know what surprise you might get from doing that. :smiley:

CodeKing: LOL!

I’m home for lunch now, I’ll get it done tonight.

I don’t think I have XSF?

demogo, thanks for sending the firmware. :slight_smile:

Stock FYS3 with a user selectable read speed patcher is now available on my site:

Enjoy :slight_smile: