Sony 100 Spindles from Compusa ?!

Hi guys,

I live in Egypt , my brother lives in Nashville Tennessee , he can go to Compusa and get me some good quality media , now I’ve been searching Compusa site for a good media with a good price .
I saw Sony 100 spindle DVD+R and DVD-R for 30 U$ , it is a good price but is it a good media ?
It is rated at 8X , would it be TY ?
What should I tell my brother “he is dumb in this kind of stuff” to make sure he would get me good media “I’d prefer TY” ?

Should I tell him to get me the DVD-R or the DVD+R ?

Here are the links :

Thank you .

I think the Sony 100 disc spindles are all Sony codes made in Taiwan.

Are they any good ?

What about the 50 disc spindles ?

Could he go to the Staples that is right across the street instead? They have the Sony 50pks for $14.94, and are more likely to be Taiyo Yuden (top-notch). Tell him to look for the 8x+R Made in Japan.

The 100pks at Compusa are either Sony D11’s (made in Tawain) for the 8x or Sony D21’s (made in Japan) for the 16x. The 8x+R MIJ 50pks will be YUDEN T02’s, probably the most widely used DVD+R in the world. I personally have 1000+ of these discs and the only problems I have had out of them are my error, not the discs.

By the way, I live just outside of Nashville, that’s how I know that the Staples is across the street.

If possible email him this pic so he knows exactly what to look for (sorry it’s a little blurry)

Get the 50-pc spindles @ Staples and read this post for what to look for.

Thank you all very much guys , you are the best :flower:

I will get the DVD+R spindles , I think that I’m gonna tell my brother to get me 4 spindles , is it a sure thing that if they were MIJ , they will be TYs ?
Is there anything with the DVD+R spindles that he can identify they are TYs like the case with DVD-R ?
BTW : are they “AccuCore” ?

Any Sony made in Japan will be excellent media, whether it’s TY or Sony. Just tell him to look for Made in Japan. 8x will likely be TY and 16x will likely be Sony.
I would go for the 16x Sony MIJ.

The 8x+R MIJ are “Accucore”. Some have it on the disc, others don’t. But if it is MIJ 8x+R, then it will definitely be TY.

If they have an octagon spacer, they are TY. Some of the plain round spacered spindles are TY, but only the MIJ.

I really apreciate your replies .

I’ve always dreamt about good quality media that can never be found here in Egypt.
The only brands I can find here are :
1-Benq 8X DVD+R "Jewel Case"
2-Ridata 16X DVD+R and -R
3-LG "CMC MAG E01"
4-“FAKE Sony TY G02” Made In China media :a
5-Lastly I bought Sony MIT “10 pack JEWEL CASES” that are very good but at a premium price “about 1.5 U$” in Egyptian Pounds .

I’d realy love my brother more if he got me these MIJ Sonys :bow:

Are my eyes fooling me or does this TY cakebox really have a gray industry-standard size base (which I usually expect to be Ritek)?
I always thought TY, unless it’s Verbatim labeled, comes in those odd That’s cakeboxes.

By the way, what do the wrap, sealing foil, the transparent cap’s top and the gray base bottom look like? A better photo would be cool. :bow:

(I know, I’m living in Europe, and Europe is flooded with MIT media, it’s hopeless, but nevertheless I’m trying to get MIJ :bigsmile: )

Thanks for that info. Last week I saw a Sony 50 spindle 8x at Staples MIJ with a white octagon spacer. So those are definitely made by TY…
Last week I bought 2 Sony 50 spindles at Best Buy on sale for $15. They had a lot of them but all but 2 spindles were MIT… I bought the 2 that were MIJ… All the MIT spacers were grey the 2 MIJ ones were white. However these were round not octagon shaped so that means they are either made by Sony or TY, right?


I meant $15.00 each spindle of 50…
Also, the TY made Sony’s will be a little better quality than the ones that Sony makes themselves in Japan, right?


By the way, what do the wrap, sealing foil, the transparent cap’s top and the gray base bottom look like? A better photo would be cool.

check this thread

The only branded TY’s that I have seen in a “That’s” spindle were TDK.

And Fuji, and Panasonic, and Plextor… I think that’s it.

As I said, that [U]I[/U] have seen.

Is it better to get the -R or the +R from these Sonys ?

That’s a loaded question… what are you going to use the burned discs for, and do the players that you may play the discs on have a preference one way or the other?

Also what burner do you have?