Sony 100 pack 8x DVD+R/-R $39.99 compusa

starting today (jan 9-15) compusa has sony 100 pack 8x DVD+R/-R for $39.99…post the mid if you know it, thanks!

The DVD-R = SONY08D1
The DVD+R = YUDEN000T02

which one is better?

i’ve heard that they’re both good…does anyone suggest sony ty over fuji ty?

There were some somewhat lower quality batches of T02 a couple of months ago. They seem to have shown up more in the Fuji T02s, but later batches seem to be fine. To be safe I’d go with the Sonys since they’re more recent. There’s always a chance the Fujis could have been on the shelf for a while and be from the “bad” batch. I say “bad” because they really weren’t bad discs, just not as good as TY usually is.

thanks two degrees!

I got these today…they’re SONYD11 actually.

There is near the bar code Fabrique a (Japon/Taiwan)… look closely. The DVD+R MITawan are SONYD11. MIJapan will be YUDEN000T02.
Even the DVD-R, seems that the SONY08D1 that is MIJapan is better than the MITaiwans.
Another quick distinguishing feature is the foam insert on top of the spindle. The MIJapan ones are WHITE, while the MITaiwan ones are GREY. I am very sure about this for the 50pks. Probably the same goes for the 100pk.

Mine were MIT, had a grey insert.

is the YUDEN000T02 with dvd+r version 1.2 considered “bad”?

are the sony08D1 equal in quality compared to the T02?

hmmmm!!! very intersting!! I recently bought 2 100 pack Fuji’s 8X dvd+r(made in Japan) spindles. I might have to buy another 200 made in Japan sony’s. Are sony’s
-R(made in Japan) media TY’s? We should all have this moto “In Taiyo Yuden We Trust”:smiley:

sony’s -R (MIJ) are sony08D1, the +R mij are TY

The -Rs are MIJ. All the +Rs are MIT. Please correct me if im wrong but I havent seen any +R Sonys MIJ.

Sometimes Staples carry the +R 8x’s MIJ 50 packs.

i think you’re right as far as 100 packs go…i’ve seen 50 packs MIJ. i wonder why all the -R 100 packs at my compusa were all gone…there were plenty of +R though. it’s not like normal everyday people know about the MID for -R (if they were MIJ)…maybe people trust -R better…

The Staples around my area has lot of +R MIJs. Just bought a few spindles of them and they are YUDEN000T02. I am suprise to see MIJ +Rs… in fact, I cannot find any +R that is MIT around here. I live in NJ but work in NYC.