Sony 08D1 feedback

I just pickup a spindle of 50 16x dvd-r for $10 from frys under great value brand,
I was wondering what type of quality is this?
Also I need to get some ritek G04 to burn GC isos what branded US B&M carry them.


I guess you’d be better off with TYG02 or MCC 02RG20 than Ritek G04 for your backup copies.
Later batches of Ritek G04, which seem to be mostly substandard Ritek G05 batches, are prone to degradation and quality issues.

I’m rather wary of anything from GQ since fake TYG02 have shown up there…

The game cube forums advise ritek g04 for backups, what is the difference between 04 and 05?

Ritek G04 is 4x DVD-R, while Ritek G05 is 8x DVD-R.
As said before, Ritek G05 has been famous for lots of defective batches degrading at a fast pace. Early G04s with a very dark-purple dye were good, but later G04s with a G05-like purple dye suffered those degradation issue too.
Anyway, 4x media is very rare now, and you should use other stuff like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden instead. I think those should work well for backups. If you want to find some TY media in B&M store check the Taiyo Yuden FAQ.