Sony 08D1 8x dash MIJ = 16x

I have just returned from Staples. I bought a 50 pack of Sony 8x dash media. When I got home I put one in DVD Ident. to see the media code. It was Sony 08D1 and it says it is 16x media. These discs are made in Japan and do burn at 16x in my Benq 1640 which doesnt overspeed media and also on my Nec 3540. I thought only the + Sonys 8x MIJ (Yudens) burned at 16x. Does anyone have any experience with these MIJ Sonys.

Yes they are very good 8x certified discs.
Many burners overspeed them to 16x including BenQ and NEC.

Yes, but how are the results of that 8x media burned at 16x? Since you now have a BenQ1640 (and I’ll have one this next week), please run a burn quality scan with Nero CDSpeed and post the results of your 16x burn on the BenQ1640, so we can have a point of reference on how good these are burned at 16x. :iagree:

Here are scans with 16x burned Sony 08D1 (Made in Austria), used writers: Benq 1640 and NEC NEC 3500