Sont DRX-810UL Audio CDs only recognized by Nero

I have a Sony DRX810UL (by it’s label, although Nero sees it as a DRU810A) external attached by firewire. Audio CDs are only recognized by Nero (SmartStart, Burning ROM, came with the burner). All audio discs are seen as blank by Itunes, Zune, RealPlayer, WMP).

It sounds like a uninstall/reinstall drivers issue, but I’m not sure. Is this something Nero software does to the drives?


Update: So I can get audio CD’s to play in VLC player and they are recognized by Nero, but not by RealPlayer, Winamp, iTunes, or Windows Media Player (now v.11). I’ve tried codec updates, regsitry modifications (deleting CDAudio key) uninstalling Nero, firmware update, and driver updates. Still nothing with the other programs.

An internal Samsung SC-148C also has the same issue with audio cd playback. So I don’t think it is hardware.

Just can’t figure this one out.