Sonicstage backup

Hi, I’m one of those guy with a Hi-MD. All my mp3 are stored on a server which I access through my Z drive. Now, since it’s onto a networked hard drive, I allow sonic stage to convert all my mp3 into attrac3-plus format onto my D drive. But then, when I format and reinstall my windows, sonicstage doesn’t see my attrac3-plus audio file even if I point to the folder into my d drive. I must then reconvert all mp3 files into attrac3-plus format (40gigs of mp3 is very very very long). I would like to know if there is a way to backup my attrac3 file and my sonicstage playlist (even if I hate that progs, no choice if I want to use that hi-md) so I don’t have to do that everytime I format.