Just have a quick query. Who may know of software that is compatible with Sonic’s Digital Media for backing up copies of DVD’s that have yada yada yada :confused: :bow: :cool:


Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

The compatibility with different media depends entirely on the burner and firmware, and not at all on the software. Thus your question kinda makes no sense (no offence intended).

Only exceptions are:

  1. If you have an old burning app (like Nero 5), you can’t burn DVDR at all.
  2. Some DVDR burning apps are not very good at burning double layer media.

If you want advice about your media, please give more details, rated speed, single/double layer, +R/-R, your burner, your firmware, what problem you experience etc… and also please check and post the mediacode of your discs. :slight_smile: