SONICblue unveils Rio advanced digital audio center



I just posted the article SONICblue unveils Rio advanced digital audio center.

SONICblue, formerly know as the graphics chip maker S3, has today unveilled a new member of it’s family of audio players. The Rio advanced digital audio center, is a new device that should be the…

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This is a brilliant device. Rio beat Sony to the punch with the modem on board for easy titling. But what will happen with all these copy-protected audio disks? - sounds like one technology opposing the other. “…All I want for Christmas is my standalone DivX:-) player & my 5.1 Mp3 player…” - We need a unit that will rip the audio from the DVD-A disks & maintain the 5.1 mix in an Mp3 format???


Go to the sonicblue site & llok at the digital television show recorder - note the disclaimer at the bottom: “SONICblue reserves the right to automatically add, modify, or disable any features in the operating software when your ReplayTV 4000 connects to our server” – oh noooo!!