i think i may have just made a mistake :doh: i just purchased a 50 pack spool of 4x SONIC blank dvds could some one tell me if i just got ripped off 15 bucks :confused: :confused:

Doesn’t look good. It looks like Made in China. If you can, you should return them and purchase better media like Verbatims or TY.

Agree with drcy. In the past Sonic made has proven to be real crap, avoid them at all cost!

4x rated media will most probably have one of these MID’s; LONGTEN001, MUST001, NANYA-JC001. :Z

This info found at

MUST001 is probably the only media code from 4x Sonic discs that is going to give decent results, the rest are probably going to give poor results with almost all burners.

Let’s say you won’t enter the burn quality hall of fame with any of these… :wink: