Sonic uninstall, is there any possible conflict with nero 6 install?

My new toshiba notebook came with Sonic installed. I did an uninstall and reg clean and installed Nero 6 that came with my external BenQ 162I burner.

Now when i go to use a backup copy that is a R- source disc and burn to my external burner the BenQ 162I, it keeps giving an error message rejecting my R+ disc which is what BenQ tech support recommends.

It also does this in my internal dvd burner as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions, my notebook is the toshiba m50 - mx5.

BTW, I read in a thread in one of the forums, I don’t know if it was this one or not that Nero and Roxio if Roxio is not cleanly removed conflict.
Is Sonic a Roxio product? That is why I decided to post here, thankyou.

Make sure that all packet writing software is removed (Nero InCd, Sonic DLA, these are the most common). They will be listed under Add/Remove Programs.

Actually Roxio is now a Sonic product & none the better for it.