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Hai, i’m new here, last 3 weeks ago, i ask a question here but i cannot remember in which section, and CDUncle help me to solve my problem, but i search for my thread and i cannot find it. so i start new thread here. I have a problem with my Data in DVD+R. Before this i bought Dell inspiron 640M, the software for burner is Roxio creator LE, i burn my important data in the DVD, suddenly, someone stole my laptop, :sad:, it doesnt matter coz i already backup my data in the DVD, but when i want to retrieve all the data, i cannot see anything in the DVD, but when i see in the back of the DVD, i can see the scratch of the data been written there, so i believe the data still there but i dont know why i cannot see them. Then someone say that, when burning using roxio creater LE, there are last step which need to perform that is finalizing disc, then i realize that i not finalize that disc. so, last 3 week ago, CDUncle told me to use ISOBuster, but ISOBuster is not a free software which i’m as a student cannot afford it. Then i search others recovery tools and cannot find one. then, CDUncle told me to use the Roxio Creator LE to retrieve back my data, but i lost the installer, then i try to donwload from internet, but cannot find it, it only the patch. Can anyone help me retrieve my data back, or maybe give me the url of the roxio. Is it Roxio Creator LE is the same as Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 Suite? Please help me…

Thanks in advance


Roxio Creator LE is stripped down version (OEM) of full Roxio software and usualy come as free with drive. Roxio Easy Creator 8 is full version of the software.
Since you made a backup, it is not guaranteed that the Roxio8 will open it, if LE was from lesser version. Back up does not have to be finalized, backup software will close the session on its own.
Since you are a student, there should be others around you having same software or IsoBuster to help you out and re burn your backup as data to be able to use on your machine.
Or wait here if someone know a free retrieve software.


Hi,[quote=wietmie;2110649] CDUncle told me to use ISOBuster, but ISOBuster is not a free software which i’m as a student cannot afford it.[/quote]IsoBuster is free with limited functionality:
Maybe that is enough for your purpose.



Thanks for the reply, Anyway about the license models, i have read it and i think i need a function that extract my variety of data from my DVD+R which when i insert to the CD\DVD ROM, i cannot see a single data on it. I try use roxio media creator first, and if it cannot open the file then i let u know