Sonic RecordNow!

Has anyone got or tried the new version of RecordNow from Sonic? I’m still using the old RecordNow MAX 4.5 and just wondered if its worth upgrading for my DVD movie writing? Thanx :slight_smile:

Couple of versions I have tried and they have a kind of childlish looking GUI but still solid though if you still burn your DVD well with existing 4.5 then stick to it since 4.5 was the lasted Prassi developed and rock solid application and I would not chang it unless I change devices which sometimes are not supported

Yes, I tried it. Interface is now more simple to use & min. options to choose from, but same old engine. Stick with the good, old v4.5!

I tried 6.5 Deluxe and I immediately uninstalled it and went back to 4.5 max. Sonic took a good program and turned it into crap. Stick with 4.5 max.


I’m just staying with my 4.61. I’ve patched the latest (507) pxdrivers file so my LiteOn 52256S works properly with it (no more Max, Med, Min speeds) so why change.