Sonic RecordNow, temporary file, where?!



I’m using Sonic SecordNow 7.2.2.

The thing appears to be saving anything I copy into a temp file somewhere, which is clogging up my hard drive. Problem is I can’t find the thing to delete the stuff from it.

I’ve been through the help tutorials, projects etc but I can’t find a thing.

Does anyone have any idea where it might be, I’ve searched all over…


Check for Sonic RecordNow! temp files under the following folder:
C:\Documents and Settings[login_id]\Application Data\Sonic

Replace [login_id] with your respective login id or user name.




Hi how do i find the file .I am new to this and do not understand how to do it .Please describe steps. ie do I go to start> windows explorer> tool;s> them what
Thank you cheers


Go to Start --then to search – to all files and folders – in part or all of the file name-- type in [Sonic]- look in local hard drive --this should be already selected-- then click [ search] this will bring up a lot of files. the files you are looking for will be near the top of the list. Hold the mouse over the yellow folders, this will tell you how big the files are. they will be 15 to 20 Gb, right click on the folder – click open – this will bring up another folder, right click-- then click open this will open the folder and you should see a lot of sonic files with the red sonic disc icon, select these- right click - and delete. This should give you back your hard drive space again. Hope this is of some help


Did they remove it from the options since early versions. In earlier version it was on the settings menu, if is similar or same.

Tools - Options - Temporary - Temporary Folder (Enter A Drive Letter: <with colon). Or click the button beside, to add a drive or directory, for temporary files use)