Sonic RecordNow DX v4.60

I have two DVD burners, a LiteOn LDW-851S and a new Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108 (see signature for firmware versions) which replaced my MemorexTwelveMaxx CD burner.

The software came bundled with LiteOn burner and worked fine with both the LiteOn and the Memorex.

I’ve just tried to burn a CD-RW on the LiteOn but it said the disc was invalid for some reason (I’ve since written the same disc with Nero so the media was obviously OK).

Before using Nero I thought I would try the Pioneer but unfortunately, it isn’t recognised by the software, and having looked at the Sonic site I can’t find any info on a driver update to recognise the Pioneer.

Can anyone help please, or have I got to think about abandoning recordNow DX and going for the latest v7 of RecordNow which I’m told works fine with the Pioneer?

dunno, but i do know that recordnow! 7.3 works fine with my 108