Sonic RecordNow Dx 4.6



I have a small problem that is starting to do my head in.

The titled program wont show my ND-3520A drive where it lists
them down the left hand side of the prgram when started, but
the drivw works np when i fire the program up via the wizard.

Ive tried the updated px engine aswell as replacing the pxdrv.dll file
but still i cant get the program to show the drive …

Does anybody know how i can fix this … ?


I had the same problem, I had Alcohol 120% installed when I uninstalled Alcohol 120% and re installed RecordNow it worked fine hope this helps


Nope this is no help i dont have alcohol 120% installed on my pc.

nobody else got any idea’s … ?


Nobody … ? nothing … ?


Somebodys got to know something … ?


Try what is written in this page, maybe it will help: