Sonic RecordNow! 7.3 won't make DVDs

I have Sonic Record Now 7.3 on a Dell Dimension 8400 ( about 5 yrs old) running Windows XP. I like XP, ok. I have been able to make Exact copies of CDs and DVDs in the past. I recently completed a job for my social club of making 10 DVD copies. I just returned today to make an additional 10 copies but it keeps giving me error messages after it takes about 15 min to copy the original DVD. Messages such as the blank DVD is full, Erase it. I say “ok” to erasing and the error message says that an error has occurred. When I click on the “advanced” button, it gives me codes I don’t understand. I unsealed the Dell CD that is for Reinstalling Sonic MyDVD 5.3LE and RecordNow 7.3 LE Software but when I go to Control Panel and try to Repair the program it wants me to search the CD for a program RecordNowMS something which is on the CD but when I select it, I get another error saying something I forgot. Very frustrated. Hope someone there can help.

Welcome to the forums cjv0910.

Do you have a restore point that was made prior to when you started having difficulties with the program?

“Erasing” can only apply to DVD-RW, DVD+RW, BD-RE and CD-RW…

I am sure I have that restore point.

Resolved problem by having the DVD recorder replaced. Only cost $37 + $20 labor. I wasn’t knowledgable enough to do it so had local computer repair guy do it. He even picked it up and delivered it when done. Great job!! Glad I found him. Thanks to those of you who offered me assistance.