Sonic RecordNow 7.3 help

I am totally new to this forum and DVD burning. Any links or advice as to how to burn a DVD with this program? I already d-loaded DVD Shrink and Decrypter…any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

dam it, how did you get recordnow 7.3 ??? i got recordnow 7.21 and if i want to update it the sonic webpage tells me there is no update avaliable.

but on the sonic webpage they sell the recordnow 7.3 !!!

anyone knows how can i upgrade it? or update it? or download the 7.3 version?


I am a newbie to recording and need some help!

I want to make a closed, single session data CD (like a CD-ROM) to archive my files from HDD with RecordNow! v7.3
Which is the better recording option?
Disc at Once (DAO), Closed
Track at Once (TAO), Closed

Many thanks!