Sonic Record Now De Luxe 7.3 Problem


i`m been using this for while working fine, but yesterday i been getting

this message:

please attach a drive,and click check for drive above.

and you in the top that says No Record.

i unistalled and put it back and get the same results.

then i put Nero8 and works perfect.

i like to know what is the problem with sonic record now

because it is goog burning sofware and i like it

please help with thsi problem.


[QUOTE=pr5454;1942326]…please attach a drive,and click check for drive above…[/QUOTE]What type of “drive” do you have then.

And AFAIK, Sonic 7.3 is kinda aged.

I agree, also what OS are you using? I would use Nero but everyone has there favorites! When installing this drive did you create a virtual drive by mistake?? DO a clean uninstall using CCleaner which can be download free and legally at Unistall Nero and Sonic. Never run the two for they will conflict with one another. Install and clean your registry and fix issues with CCleaner, after this try a clean install of Sonic.