Sonic Record now 7.x and IMG files?




Why does the new Sonic Record Now 7.x don’t support the img format?



There are actually a great number of apps which doesn’t look for .img files… however if you rename the file to .ISO you should be able to burn it without problems.


That i know!

How can thy remove a supported format from the list… stupid i think!



The revenge is sweet …

I used reshack to edit the .dll file that contained the *.iso into *.img and now MY version of Record Now is showing all img files :slight_smile:



It’s not quite revenge when we have a customer who is now able to use their software the way they want, but I’m glad it’s working.


i realy don’t think they want us to use the img format of some strange reason… that’s why they have removed the img option from the available formats to display when browsing for a file to burn …

Am i right or am i right…? :slight_smile:



Not really… keep in mind I’m speaking on my own behalf and not as an employee… I can only recall two or three people ever asking us about burning a .IMG file. And for those that want to and only have RecordNow I just ask them to rename the file to .ISO and all works well.

In CloneDVD I know you can choose to show ALL files but there is not a specific setting for .IMG but again it works fine. If you want it to show up in there without choosing to show all file types you can just rename it to .ISO as well.

I can promise you that it was not an intentional “we don’t want to burn .IMG files” decision… but it is a less common file extension.



The bottom line for me is that someone have told med what to use and not to use… :slight_smile: put in show all and let people make their own decisions…



I am trying to burn a DVD I have sonic recoard now version 7 and also anydvd. I am able to copy the dvd untill I put the blank DVD in. As soon as I put the blank dvd in it just ejects. I am using DVD + R and I have burned dvds with this before. Need help please. E-mail me with any thing that I can do.
thank you