Sonic purchase company specialized in integrating DVD content with the Internet

I just posted the article Sonic purchase company specialized in integrating DVD content with the Internet.

Sonic Solutions announced that it has entered into
a definitive agreement to acquire InterActual Technologies, the leading provider
of solutions for integrating DVD content with the Internet…

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Read between the lines, folks. Sonic is very good friends with Microsoft. Microsoft wants to start delivering high resolution content but they need the top authoring company involved, not only to burn high def downloads onto dual layered DVD-recordables, but also to make sure that the scripts which are needed for their Windows brand of high res to play back on standalone players is widely distributed. So Sonic buys InterActual, thereby getting the patents to get that flexible playback into everything (because Sonic is in nearly everything…and I say that as a VERY HAPPY Sonic stockholder!!!), opening the door for all kinds of new, higher-resolution material to be stored on DVD-recordables. This news is huge, you just have to appreciate what it means. On a superficial level, it also means that Sonic is going to keep growing while the Pinnacles and Roxios keep lowering their own forcasts. Sonic isn’t Microsoft’s b*tch, their authorscripts are used by many great companies including Adobe. This acquisition won’t ONLY be good for Microsoft, it will be good for everyone who wants to expand what can succesfully be authored onto a DVD-recordable, or a pressed DVD for that matter.