Sonic packaged with Dell



I’m setting up a new Dell laptop. I told them that I didn’t want any software packaged with it–but, apparently, it comes with some sort of DVD/CD Burner software called Sonic. I’m haven’t been heavy into this activity in the past but I expect that I will start. All I’ve ever used is EasyCD Creator (the free version) and whatever is built into Windows.

Bottom line?

Is Sonic worth keeping? Or is it time to start with a clean slate on a new computer and delete it?



I’ve only ever used Nero (millions of people can’t be wrong) and occasionally DVDDecrypter (when I want to booktype discs).

Try Sonic before you delete it, you never know you might like it!!

Good luck whichever software you use. :wink:


If I’m not wrong, Sonic is a packet writing software like InCD.

Do this software is named Sonid DLA? If yes, then it’s a packet writing software. Many and many people complained malfunctionings and data losses with packed writing softwares, so [B]in my opinion[/B] you should uninstall it.



Sonic and Roxio merged. They are now one company and inside the Roxio software you could possibly see something like Sonic My DVD for example.

As suggested by James, try it you may like it.


You likely have Sonic MyDVD, and Sonic DLA installed. Sonic MyDVD is ok. But remove the Sonic DLA. It may not bite you, but lots of folks have odd problems that seem to go away after removing Sonic DLA from the system.