Sonic MyDVD

Hi All

I’m new to this forum and wondered if anyone can help me please. Apologies if I’ve breached protocol in any way and posted to the wrong place.

For some reason when I try to burn data to a blank CD via Sonic MY DVD softwareI get a message ‘A suitable drive was not detected. Please attach a drive and try again’.

I have followed the only guidance available on the Sonic website and uninstalled upper/lower filters in the registry. I have also reinstalled Sonic to no avail.

Does anyone have a proven fix please? Incidentally when I load a blank CD in it is not recognised. When I load a CD in with data on it or music it works ok and autoplay kicks in.



Sonic My DVD came with my Dell in 06’. All I ever was problems with the program… Sonic Record Now also came with the Dell and I’ve been able to burn any data or MP3 etc. If you can get this program I would. Have you tried Image Burn, it’s freeware. Good Luck! :cool:

You might also use the FREE trial of Ashampoo Burning Studio 8. It does most everything that Sonic and Nero does without being bloated or expensive. The Free programs from are also very good as is IMGBurn. Also remember tyhat a DVD specific burning program requires blank DVD’s <G>

Hi and thanks for replying.

I have tried a number of free burning packages but they all return a ‘no disc in drive’ or similar error :frowning: