Sonic MyDVD not booting

hi, i have a liteon external dvd rw and the software sonic MyDVD… the software has been working for a couple of weeks with no problem but recently it stopped working. the problem is that the application does not boot up at all now… i tried reinstalling it and still it doesnt boot up anymore??? any help? :frowning:

hardware: liteon external dvd rw
cd rw/dvd rom combo drive
cd rw 52x drive
The specs on my pc r 130GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 9800 pro graphics card, 2.8 p4 and a soundblaster PCI card….

with windowz xp pro sp1 :slight_smile:

This app is known to be VERY buggy and causes issues for everyone that uses it!
I do not recommend using it! :frowning:

what dvd software would u reccomend me that is similer to this software???