Sonic introduces DVD+R double layer recording

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 Besides Ahead and VSO-Software  now also Sonic Solutions     is offering DVD+R double  layer writing in their software. Sonic's already has a lot of experience with  double layer discs as the...
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Wierd, I had no idea on dual layer discs that are burnt (as oppsed to pressed commercial discs) that wehn you burn data it’s split 50/50 across the two layers. I just assumed that after you filled up the first 4.7gigs on the 1st layer it would continue on the second. Although splitting across the layers probably makes more sense when it comes to speed, maybe. I question the compatibility of DVDrs with dual layers working well in today’s players. Let’s not forget that when your DVD player’s chipset was made that dual layer burnt discs were never considered and the palyer might refuse to access the second layer. Even though it plays commercially pressed dual layers fine. Maybe I should still wait for dual layer and just buy an 8x or 12x DVDr (single layer) and take advantage of the price drop dual layer burners will give to current drives. I really want to see some compatibility charts on these dual layer DVDrs before I think of them as the silver bullet of burning.

Rhelic, I agree with your skepticism about set top DVD player compatibility with burned Dual Layered discs. I do not think there will be any published compatibility charts until the drives and the blank media are released.