Sonic embedded in Win MCE

Bonjour. I am using Windows MCE 2005 and Sonic Digital Media LE v7. This is a new PC and my problem has been: Can this configuration handle the UDF format? I call the Packard Bell support center but they do’nt know what UDF is. I then send an e-mail to Sonic but, of course they do not support end users and therfore they did not answer me. My conclusion has been that my configuration can not handle UDF. Now, I need UDF in order to continue to use the (very good) backup soft SyncBack for the second level backups on optical media. I need therefore to desinstall Sonic and replace it with Pinacle soft which I own from my old PC. Pinacle handles UDF with no problem.
My question to you: Knowing the Sonic/Roxio habit to put you in trouble when you desinstall (eg: putting nasty filters in the registry) and considering the unclear agreement between Sonic an Microsoft for Windows MCE, can I do that without getting into trouble with Windows? Thanks and have a nice day. Jeanjo

Sonic software has traditionally been quite good with the uninstall. Roxio, not so sure.
The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t go well & you are forced to reinstall it.

Usually burning software is a manufacturer bundle, rather than an OS bundle.

Thanks Debro. What I did not mention (not to make it too long) is that both with Roxio and Sonic I already had the “no more driver” syndrom after desinstallation from other PC’s. Your conclusion is probably right anyway, the risk should be small.

Also be aware, that Roxio software has often installed two components, the main Writing software & the packet writing software. I believe they are seperate burning engines, but the packet writing software can interfere with other burning packages.